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  2. callmeekat said: Tips on the E&A test? (written exam)

    easiest thing ever!! honestly, read the questions, and think about the answers. its all multiple choice and 3 of the answers are usually really dumb. 

  3. miyaface said: what exactly is Ellis? I have only done NLS because well LSS owns that section here....

    Ellis is just another lifeguard certification that is based on Waterparks. It focuses on beach style pools and water slides and stuff.  But they are hard core, 4 times a year they come with video cameras and video tape the guards guarding to make sure they are scanning. and we have dolls that my supervisors throw in the pools and we have to save them. And they also have co-workers pretend to die in the pools and you have to save them and act like it is a legit rescue thing. 

  4. gabrieljustsayin said: Do you consider pool lifeguards "real" life guards? Me and my friends got into an argument about this because they work on the beach and dont consider me a legitimate lifeguard but i disagree because the people i work for put us throw SO MUCH in service training. We literally have different themed weekly training so we dont forget our stuff. I.E: blood and guts, cpr, in water rescues trainings...

    Totally! I am a waterpark lifeguard (have been for a year) and if you have the training who cares where you work? Every environment is going to have different issues. I think that pool or waterpark guards deal a lot more with people, and not so much with cpr and major first aid stuff, where as beach guards probably do. But I would like to see a beach guard do a spinal 1/2 way down a rollercoaster slide #noteasy

  5. idksomethingwitty said: Is your place red cross or ellis?

    both :) I work at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara falls Canada. So legally everyone who works there has to have either NLS or Bronze Cross and then when we get hired (and every year after) they train us with Ellis. Personally, I like Ellis A LOT more then NLS. Just the way you do things make more sense

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